Cloved Orange

Cloved Orange

Time to get our house odors under control after being trapped in here in the cold. I mean snowy boats & stinky socks…

Who else remembers doing this simple, yet so refreshing craft! Talk about keeping the christmas spirit around too! 



What you need:

+ oranges or your choice of fruit

+ cloves

+ optional cinnamon oil.


Tag us in your pictures or save this post for a fun craft idea for a later date.




  1. Start by selecting your choice of fruit. Historically orange has always been favored but you can also use lime, grapefruit or any citrus fruit.
  2. Grab a toothpick and puncture the surface, making a pattern of holes. After this, insert cloves into each one of the holes. (To make the smell last longer, try to keep the holes as close to each other as possible.)
  3. You can now wipe the entire fruit with about four drops of cinnamon oil.
  4. Keep it in a cool & dark place so the fruit can fully dry. 


Keep in coat closets, near doorways, & / or as decor.

Enjoy the smell of good ol nature!



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