+ FAQ 

- What is this?   A plant concentrated resin cleaner designed to make cleaning resin coated pieces, much easier. Such as a water pipes, bongs, bangers, bowls, silicone containers, & resin brushes.

- What type of bongs can I use with this cleaner?   Glass, silicone, or clay.

- What is the smell?  Lemon baby!

- How do I use the single use?  Pour in cleaner. Coat interior covering residue. Add HOT water covering residue line, and shake. Wait 5 - 20 minutes and shake again. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the lemon freshness.

- I've never cleaned my item before?  Make sure to allow the cleaner to coat interior walls covered in resin before adding water. This gives the residue the opportunity to be in direct contact to the cleaner. 

- Can I carry the Momma Janes Products in my shop? Yes, visit the contact us page & shoot us a message.

- What is your return policy? Your happiness matters, if you aren’t happy, please take before and after pictures and shoot us an email.