Momma Jane's Cleaner

A sticky cleaner for all your sticky situations made only from plants.

For cleaning sharpies off walls, sticker removals, and resin off cleaning smoking accessories, this is a rainbow cleaner any momma would approve of!

  • From the momma her self,

    Meet Amanda, the owner & founder of Momma Jane's Cleaner.

    "As a mother, I realized having cleaning products that are safe around my family, are important to me. I also found that my time was valuable, I didn't want to clean for hours. Momma Jane's Cleaner was created to be a momma's cleaning helper. I hope it helps you in your day to day cleaning like it does mine!"

  • What is Momma Jane's Cleaner?

    MJC is a concentrated resin and carbon oil cleaner. It is made from plants to make cleaning resin off your glass, silcione, & steel items, much easier.

  • Ingredients should be simple.

    Ours are.

    Our cleaners are made only with

    + Citrus lemon peel oil

    + Cymbopogon flexuosus oil

  • We love to use Momma Jane's Cleaner in a variety of ways.

    Think sticky, goey messes, Momma Jane's Cleaner can be of assitance.

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Did you know we are a small business hoping to grow bigger?

Each bottle is filled, labeled, and shipped by our family. We pour so much love and happiness into each order. So Thank you for supporting us.

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