Momma Jane's Cleaner

Hi There!

From the momma her self, meet Amanda, the owner & founder of Momma Jane's Cleaner.

What is Momma Jane's Cleaner?

A concentrated resin oil cleaner, made from plants to make cleaning resin off your glass & silicone items, much easier. Such as a water pipes, glass bottles, bongs, glass pieces, brushes, & resin containers.

Did you know you can buy in bulk?

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Ingredients should be simple.

Ours is.

I prefer this over alcohol anyway, plus if someone has company coming over just tell them to clean a piece, it'll smell like she cleaned the whole house.


What can I say about Momma Janes Glass Cleaner? AMAZING stuff, thats what!!! From my glass water pipes, removal of stickers and cleaning mirrors, this stuff rocks! As an Herbalist I was SO excited to find this all natural, non toxic product. I’m a loyal customer for as long as it’s available!

Devi, Meraki Wellness

I like how simple & easy this product is to use. Plus every time I clean with it, less & less resin sticks everytime!