Hug in a card!

Hug in a card!

Somedays, do you ever just miss someone specific?

We sure do, since most of our family lives in different states!

Here is our hug in an envelope


Stuff you’ll need:

+ a picture of you/ kiddos

+ card stock

+ ribbion

+ markers

+ glue 

+ envelope




Let’s have fun,

  1. Decide how long you want your arms to be for the hug, & cut to the ribbon to match that right length. The ribbon will be your arms
  2. Next trace your kiddo’s hands on to the cardstock & cut out to customize.
  3. Glue the picture, ribbon, & hands together.
  4. Next put in an evenlope & send it off to someone who may need a little hug today.

Love you all!

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