Mini Banjos

Mini Banjos

Who wouldn’t love a mini banjo?

Sign me up, because even without kiddos I love making these! Does anyone else remember all the cool crafts you got to make in elementary school, man I thought I was cool ha.


Mini Banjos


You will need:

• Jumbo craft sticks – one per banjo

• Loom Bands – four per banjo

• Washi tape

• Duct tape

• Sequins

• Craft glue



Tag us in your pictures or save this post for a fun craft idea for a later date.

How to:

  1. Place four loom bands over the lid and secure in place with a pice of duct tape as shown (I did try hot glue gun for a more seamless finish but guess what? the loom bands melted and snapped as soon as they touched the hot glue – whoops!)


  1. Next cut the end from your jumbo craft stick and decorate it with a washi tape pattern.
  2. Now attach the lid with loom bands in place to the craft stick with a second piece of duct tape.
  3. Finally use small dabs of craft glue to stick on your sequins, or alternatively use plastic gems or a marker to draw the little tuning knobs on the end of your banjo handle.
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