Colorful Pasta

Colorful Pasta

Let me paint pasta & tell me I’m beautiful.

Turns out this was one of those magical activities that everyone loves, from the nine year olds to the three year olds.


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Painting Pasta:

  • Tubular pasta of any size as long as it can be threaded.
  • Water color paints 
  • Paint brushes
  • Water to wash your brush.
  • Art smocks/ Aprons and something to cover your work surface.
  • String 




  1. You need to be a little light on with the paint so the pasta doesn’t get too soggy, then spread it out and leave it to dry over night.
  2. The nine year olds painted stripes and fancy color co-ordinated patterns, the six year old loved the way the paint swam down the ridges on the pasta and swirled the colors together, and the three year old just painted, and painted and painted.
  3. Once the pasta is dry it is time to thread with it!
  4. Lastly put it around your neck and rock that look.


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