Thankful bunch of pumpkins

How do you even teach someone to be thankful?
As a parent, teaching valuable life lessons can be not only tricky but strenuous. Especially in times of the holidays where people are asking you & your family “what do you/they want.” It becomes difficult to remember to be thankful for what we truly have already, that are things we once asked for. & I get it, life can get extra busy during this time of the year, but I challenge you to make time this year. Take the time to think about how truly grateful you are not just for this season but this life.
With the pandemic and all around us, I found myself quick to find the things I disliked or was not grateful for. Which eventually trickled down the family line and began to effect our girls. I allowed my self to feel my feelings, & decided to start making more efforts to find the good in the day to day too.
Here is a fun & quick craft we made to create our own thankful, pumpkin garland.
1. Grab some string (6ft), tape,  1-2 orange + green kraft, paper, pencils.
2. Figure out how many peeps are in your family. ( 6 for us)
3. Cut the orange cardstock into strips, giving each family member the # of orange strips for the # of family members ( 6 x 6 = 36 strips)
4. Cut the green card stock into strips, only giving each member only one. ( 6 x 1 = 6 strips)
5. Every keep your strips in your own pile * important
6. Write your name on one orange strip. & on each of the other strips, write why you’re thankful for each family member.
7. Tape one of the orange strip’s ends together to make a loop. Continue to loop together all of the orange strips, intertwined the other strips between to create a pumpkin.
8. Finally loop the green strip through the top & attach to string.
9. Hang it somewhere, where it will remind you all to be a little more thankful.
*Each person should have their own pumpkin.
**You can write what your favorite thing about your family members, or other ideas too. Get creative & make it for you & your crew.