Bird Supplies Nest

Bird Supplies Nest

I love playing outside with nature. So this craft had to have been one of my favorites! 

Let’s prepare some bird nests for our fellow outside neighbors. Grab a plate & fill it with everything you would think a bird would use to make a nest. 

The conversations I had with my kids, while searching in the grass, were so enjoyable.

Stuff you’ll need:

+ Paper Plates

+ Small Sticks

+ Leaves

+ Grass

+ Anything outside to make a birds nest

Let’s have some fun,

  1. Your children will need to start by grabbing a paper plate.
  2. Next head outside and start looking for anything birds would potentially use to build a nest.
  3. Talk about why and how birds can use certain things to build a nest, and while other things might not be used. 
  4. Leave your bird nest supplies & before you know it, your plates will be empty. Our birds were sure happy to have an easy nest building kit right by our font door. ;)
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