Cherrio Heart Bird Feeders

Cherrio Heart Bird Feeders

Okay maybe I really am a hippie at heart.


Last summer, my uncle bought four, yes four, bird feeders for our back yard. We would have flocks upon flocks some mornings, all the way into the afternoon. Not to toot my own horn, but we were the party house for those birds. 


As recent owners of garden beds in a state with lots of ticks , we appreciate birds on an another level. 

We are hoping to bring the birds back again this year! Starting while there is even just a few.


This activity is beneficial for kid’s fine motor exercises, which help develop coordination of small muscle movements in wrists and fingers. They build up strength and assist with hand-eye coordination.

Stuff you’ll need:

+ cheerios ( circle cercal)

+ 12in long pipe cleaners

+ bird food (optional)

+ ribbion (if you want to hang)


Let’s have fun

  1. Pour some Cheerios into a bowl and set that onto a tray with the long pipe cleaners.
  2. We folded our pipe cleaner in half to find the middle and then sat and chatted while we threaded the cereal on.
  3. Once the pipe cleaners were pretty much full of threaded Cheerios we curled the ends over to make our DIY bird feeder into a heart shape.  Then we secured the bird food into place by twisting the two ends of the pipe cleaners together.
  4. Tie a bit of ribbon onto the homemade bird feeder to hang it up outside.


That’s it. An easy way to spread some love to our nature friends.

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