DIY Crystals

DIY Crystals

Making crystals on a Wednesday, I’m pretty sure it will be a good day. 

I personally love how beautiful crystals are. Obviously I’d prefer the real ones, but hey this momma lives on a budget.

So let’s make your own.


Stuff you’ll need:

+ pipe cleaners, 

+ clear glue, 

+ food coloring, 

+ 8 ounces of alum powder

+ string, 

+ several one-quart mason jars,

+ an old watercolor paint brush, 

+ a few items from your kitchen to act as dowels for hanging your crystals (like pencils or a wooden spoon).


Let’s have fun,

  1. In the morning, tie a length of string around the end of a pipe cleaner.
  2. Wrap the pipe cleaner around itself until it forms a little ball. 
  3. Grab three more pipe cleaners and wrap those around the small ball. Make as many balls on strings as you would like to have crystals.
  4. Using your dowel from the kitchen, create a station where you can hang your balls. In the next step, you will be covering them with glue, so you want your station ready to go so you can hang them. Make sure there is paper towel and a plate under your dowel.
  5. Next, pour a little bit of glue into a disposable paper cup. Dip the ball in the cup. Grab your paintbrush to coat the balls entirely.
  6. Hang your glue balls from the hanging station you created.
  7. As the ball suspend over the paper towel and plate, sprinkle some alum powder over the balls until they are covered. Let it dry for the day.
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