Healthy Habit Craft

Healthy Habit Craft

Growing up with a dentist and dental hygienist as parents, it was embedded into me that taking care of our teeth was an enormous job. I learned just how important our baby teeth were, because there were setting the stage for our big shot, Adult teeth. As a kid, I thought they were just wrapped up in their own work and thought it’d be fun to share with their kids.

But now as a mom, I couldn’t agree more to teaching my kids about dental health. We have the rarest opportunity to be able to take care of the strongest bone in our body, might as well try our hardest.

We love this simple craft to talk about brushing your teeth and tongue to your children. Not only can you talk about it once, but they can continue to color it and you all can learn more about the mouth as a whole!

Alright enough with the chit chat as my girls would say, time to cover the supplies and instructions.

Self Laminating Sheets
Dry Erase Markers 
Tooth Brush 
Momma Jane’s Cleaner

1. Print an open mouth picture in the size you desire.
2. Once printed, cut down to the outline of the mouth.
3. Open laminated sheet and fold over mouth to create a set seal lamination.
4. Cut accordingly and press firm to seal. 
5. Get to coloring those sugar bugs and talk about how important dental health is.

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