Rainbow Love

Rainbow Love

Who doesn’t love a good rainbow?

I love having rainbows all over our house so this is a request craft in our house. Tag us in your pictures or save this post for a fun craft idea for a later date.


  • Rainbow colored paper collage material (I used a combo of cut up old art, colored paper, pom-poms, scrapbook paper, fabric, & buttons
  • Glue 
  • Cardboard rainbow shapes (I used cereal boxes in these photos, but you can also use thicker cardboard from boxes)
  • Optional craft wire to make a hanger.


  1. First, make a rainbow template. Cut out one rainbow shape from regular paper, and use that to trace on top of the cardboard.
  2. Next, prepare your collage materials. Collect lots of scraps throughout your house, you can print off different patterns if you don’t have card-stock! I also found some fabric scraps, pom- poms, & buttons too.
  3. Cut them up into square and rectangle shapes and put each color into their own bowls.
  4. Grab a rainbow & place glue along the sides. 
  5. Then, just let the children do their thing. You can just stand back and enjoy watching their process and listening to their chatter.
  6. When the rainbows have dried, you can punch two holes at the top and add a wire if you want to hang it up on a nail. This is optional.


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