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Momma Jane's Cleaner

MJC Droppers

MJC Droppers

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    • Momma Jane’s Cleaner (MJC) in a dropper bottle. Our cleaner is made of concentrated plants to help clean the most resin coated glass, steel, ceramic, & silicone items.
    • Our dropper top is designed to give you better access to isolating where the cleaner can go. 
      • Size: 2 fl oz : 15 - 29+ cleanings depending on the size of your piece and frequency in which you like to clean. 
      • Tips before cleaning; Rinse out your pieces before starting to clean, to allow the cleaner to really kiss the resin goodbye.

    1. Add cleaner to each opening & swirl to coat resin.*
    2. Add HOT water covering residue line, and shake.
    3. Wait 5 - 20 minutes and shake again.
    4. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the lemon freshness.

    FOR SMALLER PIECES; Follow instructions but only wait 1-5 minutes.  For small pieces (bowls or bangers), place in glass bowl or bag, and follow instructions.


    * Add a pinch of course salt or a splash of vinegar for tougher areas

    Repeat if necessary for older residue or larger pieces.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Maile Lui
    The best!!!

    I will never ever ever have to smell the disgusting aroma of rubbing alcohol plus rock salt because of this amazing product!!!!! I already plan to order a refill bottle because it smells so so good.

    Travis Scagliarini
    Better than I thought possible

    I was very skeptical and assumed there could not be a natural alternative to 90% rubbing alcohol. This stuff not only works better than alcohol but leaves no nasty smell or taste. It also cleans your hands and tools up better than the alcohol. Since it mixes with water you also get better coverage for less $. I feel bette about flushing it down the drain and the sink doesn't stink. I will be using mama Janes from now on.

    Sandie Boyer
    Works Like a Dream! Smells So Fresh.

    It only took me one use. I was sold. Never going back to salt and alcohol or other abrasive products! I love clean Glass and Momma Janes makes it so easy that I never let it get out of hand.

    Rachel Reed
    Amazing plant-based cleanser

    Better than any other product for this purpose I have tried, but it doesn’t have any weird ingredients. Have also found it to be good at removing a variety of stickiness/goo (labels on bottles, etc.)

    Arianna Munoz
    Amazing cleaning oils

    I recently cleaned my bongs and bowl pieces with Momma Janes Resin Cleaner and it did WONDERS IN SECONDS. I no longer need to let my glass pieces sit in that stinky alcohol for longer than it needs to now! The amazing lemon scent left from the resin cleaner is an added plus. I recommend this product to anyone who would like to clean their pieces with natural and fresh substances. I gave some samples to a stoner friend and they were enamored with the scent and super excited to clean their pieces. Thank you Momma Jane for your amazing products, I wish your business a flourishing success!