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Momma Janes Cleaner

MJC Droppers

MJC Droppers

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    • Momma Jane’s Cleaner (MJC) in a dropper bottle. Our cleaner is made of concentrated plants to help clean the most resin coated glass, steel, ceramic, & silicone items.
    • Our dropper top is designed to give you better access to isolating where the cleaner can go. 
      • Size: 2 fl oz : 15 - 29+ cleanings depending on the size of your piece and frequency in which you like to clean. 
      • Tips before cleaning; Rinse out your pieces before starting to clean, to allow the cleaner to really kiss the resin goodbye.

    1. Add cleaner to each opening & swirl to coat resin.*
    2. Add HOT water covering residue line, and shake.
    3. Wait 5 - 20 minutes and shake again.
    4. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the lemon freshness.

    FOR SMALLER PIECES; Follow instructions but only wait 1-5 minutes.  For small pieces (bowls or bangers), place in glass bowl or bag, and follow instructions.


    * Add a pinch of course salt or a splash of vinegar for tougher areas

    Repeat if necessary for older residue or larger pieces.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Smiley Elmore III
    It just works

    My girl got me a new piece for Christmas so I’m so glad I was able to keep it clean! Support small business especially when they have dope products like this

    Matthew Joyner

    Tried this product as soon as I got it in the mail. Very satisfied! Easy to use, smells great, and is all natural. Thank you for this product!

    Janine Velasco
    Powerful Stuff!

    I love how a little of Mama Janes goes a long way. I also love how it’s a more natural way of cleaning my pieces without having to use harsh chemicals. Additionally the scent is very pleasant with a clean citrusy smell.

    Lexis Frasson
    Best cleaner!

    My boyfriends jaw dropped when I showed him how well this worked for my pieces. He couldn’t believe he’d spent so much time cleaning them out before lol!

    Samantha Reid
    Great product!

    Works great and smells amazing! My glass pieces are finally clean!!